Poems by Robert Burns

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Tune - "Laddie, lie near me."
Is there a whim-inspired fool,
Expect na, Sir, in this narration,
"Thoughts, words, and deeds, the statute blames with reason;
Tune - "John Anderson my jo."
O thou, who kindly dost provide
O thou in whom we live and move,
Lord, we thank and thee adore,
Fate gave the word, the arrow sped,
O Thou unknown, Almighty Cause
O Thou Great Being! what Thou art
Tune - "Graham's Strathspey."
Tune - "The Rose-bud."
As I stood by yon roofless tower,
"Poor naked wretches, wheresoe'er you are
Long life, my Lord, an' health be yours,
Thou's welcome, wean, mischanter fa' me,
"O Prince! O Chief of many throned Pow'rs,
While virgin Spring, by Eden's flood,
My curse upon thy venom'd stang,
"My son, these maxims make a rule,
Tune - "Where'll bonnie Ann lie."
Still anxious to secure your partial favour,
Tune - "Rory Dall's Port."
Tune - "Major Graham."
Tune - "The King of France, he rade a race."
Tune - "Bonnie Mary."
What ails ye now, ye lousie b----h,
Tune - "Rinn Meudial mo Mhealladh."
Tune - "The Killogie."
Tune - "Oran-gaoil."
Tune - "The sweet lass that lo'es me."
Tune - "Ye gallants bright."
Tune - "Andro and his cutty gun."
Tune - "On a bank of flowers."
Tune - "Liggeram Cosh."
Tune - "The birks of Aberfeldy."
Tune - "Braes o' Balquihidder."
Tune - "Neil Gow's Lamentations for Abercairny."
Tune - "Galla Water."
Tune - "Hey, tuttie taitie."
Tune - "The winter of life."
Tune - "Ca' the ewes to the knowes."
Tune - "Caledonian Hunt's Delight."
Tune - "Humours of Glen."
Tune - "Roy's Wife."
Air - "Daintie Davie."
Air - "My lodging is on the cold ground."
Tune - "Caledonian Hunt's Delight."
Tune - "Cock up your beaver."
Tune - "O'er the water to Charlie."
Tune - "Whistle, and I'll come to you, my lad."
Air - "Cauld Kail."
Tune - "Coming through the rye."
Tune - "Lumps o' Pudding."
Tune - "The Country Lass."
Some books are lies frae end to end,
Fair the face of orient day,
Life ne'er exulted in so rich a prize
Now Robin lies in his last lair,
For Lords or Kings I dinna mourn,
Tune - "Gilderoy."
From those drear solitudes and frowsy cells,
In this strange land, this uncouth clime,
O rough, rude, ready-witted Rankine,
Hail, thairm-inspirin', rattlin' Willie!
Fintray, my stay in worldly strife,
Selkirk, 13 May, 1787.
Here Holy Willie's sair worn clay
Ye maggots, feast on Nicol's brain,
Here brewer Gabriel's fire's extinct,
Tune - "My Eppie."
Lord Advocate.
If you rattle along like your mistress's tongue,
A Gaelic Air.
Tune - "Saw ye my father?"
Tune - "Rothemurche."
Air - "Nancy's to the greenwood gane."
When Nature her great master-piece designed,
Tune - "Whistle o'er the lave o't."
Tune - "Afton Water."
The poor man weeps, here Gavin sleeps,
Tune - "Let me in this ae night."
Air - "Carron Side."
How wisdom and folly meet, mix, and unite;
Tune - "Gudewife count the lawin."
Tune - "Wandering Willie."
Tune - "Robin Adair."
Tune - "Had I the wyte she bade me."
"Yes! let the rich deride, the proud disdain,
Tune. - "I am a man unmarried."
Tune - "The Highland Balou."
Tune - "Jumpin' John."
Her flowing locks, the raven's wing,
Tune - "Banks of Cree."
Here's a bottle and an honest friend!
Tune - "Here's a health to them that's awa."
Tune - "The job of journey-work."
Tune - "Laggan Burn."
Tune - "Balinamona Ora."
Tune - "The Dusty Miller."
Tune - "Katherine Ogie."
"And send the godly in a pet to pray."
Tune - "The bonnie lad that's far awa."
Tune - "John Anderson, my jo."
Tune - "Cauld Kail in Aberdeen."
To a Gaelic air.
Tune - "Jo Janet."
Tune - "I'm o'er young to marry yet."
Tune - "I do confess thou art sae fair."
Air - "The blue-eyed lass."
Tune - "I'll gae nae mair to yon town."
Old Winter, with his frosty beard,
Fair maid, you need not take the hint,
You're welcome, Willie Stewart,
There's death in the cup, sae beware!
Here lies
Tune - "For a' that, and a' that."
Tune - "The Maid's Complaint."
Tune - "Jamy, come try me."
Talk not to me of savages
Tune - "Here's a health to them that's awa."
Tune - "Jockey's ta'en the parting kiss."
Tune - "John Anderson, my jo."
Tune - "Craigtown's growing."
Tune - "The Ruffian's Rant."
"Alas! how oft does goodness wound itself!
Tune - "Hey tutti, taiti."
Tune - "Rothemurche's Rant."
Tune - "The Lothian Lassie."
Tune - "Duncan Gray."
Auld comrade dear, and brither sinner,
Thee, Caledonia, thy wild heaths among,
Whose is that noble dauntless brow?
This wot ye all whom it concerns,
Kemble, thou cur'st my unbelief
Here Stuarts once in glory reign'd,
Thou, who thy honour as thy God rever'st,
He who of Rankine sang lies stiff and dead,
Wae worth thy power, thou cursed leaf,
The greybeard, old Wisdom, may boast of his treasures,
Ye men of wit and wealth, why all this sneering
Cease, ye prudes, your envious railings,
The friend whom wild from wisdom's way,
Tune - "Louis, what reck I by thee."
Tune - "Miss Muir."
Tune - "Ye're welcome, Charlie Stewart."
O raging fortune's withering blast
Tune - "M'Pherson's Rant."
When chill November's surly blast
Tune - "Deil tak the wars."
Tune - "Bide ye yet."
Tune - "Blue Bonnets."
Air - "Hey! bonnie lass, will you lie in a barrack?"
Tune - "My tocher's the jewel."
Tune. - "Johnny's grey breeks."
Tune - "Lord Breadalbone's March."
How cold is that bosom which folly once fired,
Tune - "Galla-Water."
Tune - "Druimion dubh."
Tune - "Go fetch to me a pint o' wine."
Tune - "The Collier Laddie."
Tune - "The Weaver and his Shuttle, O."
Tune - "Highland's Lament."
Tune - "Tam Glen."
Tune - "To the weavers gin ye go."
Tune - "Failte na Miosg."
Tune - "What will I do gin my Hoggie die?"
Tune - "The Northern Lass."
Tune - "Gregg's Pipes."
Tune - "Lady Bandinscoth's Reel."
Tune - "There'll never be peace."
Tune - "My Peggy's Face."
Tune - "Naebody."
Tune - "My Nannie, O."
"Great nature spoke, observant man obey'd."
Tune - "My wife she dang me."
Tune - "O Kenmure's on and awa, Willie."
Tune - "Let me in this ae night."
Tune - "Cordwainer's March."
Tune - "Mauchline belles."
Tune - "The Posie."
Tune - "May, thy morn."
Tune - "The Sow's Tail."
Tune - "I had a horse."
Tune - "Eppie Macnab."
Tune - "O steer her up, and haud her gaun."
O Tell Na Me O' Wind And Rain.
Tune - "My love is lost to me."
Tune - "Morag."
Tune - "Bonnie Dundee."
Tune - "Willie brew'd a peck o' maut."
Tune - "The Moudiewort."
Tune - "I'll ay ca' in by yon town."
Dweller in yon dungeon dark,
Tune - "Miss Admiral Gordon's Strathspey."
Tune - "Lass o' Livistone."
Here souter Hood in death does sleep;
Bless Jesus Christ, O Cardoness,
An honest man here lies at rest
As father Adam first was fool'd,
Below thir stanes lie Jamie's banes:
Light lay the earth on Willy's breast,
Here lies a mock Marquis, whose titles were shamm'd;
Here lie Willie Michie's banes;
A' ye wha live by sowps o' drink,
Earth'd up here lies an imp o' hell,
Lament him, Mauchline husbands a',
The devil got notice that Grose was a-dying,
Hear, Land o' Cakes and brither Scots,
"Should the poor be flattered?"
Tune - "If he be a butcher neat and trim."
Tune - "Ay wakin', O."
O thou, whom poesy abhors,
Here lies John Bushby, honest man!
Here lies Johnny Pidgeon;
Oh! had each Scot of ancient times,
Say, sages, what's the charm on earth
Know thou, O stranger to the fame
Sad thy tale, thou idle page,
To Riddel, much-lamented man,
Why, ye tenants of the lake,
Inhuman man! curse on thy barb'rous art,
Sweet naiveté of feature,
What dost thou in that mansion fair?
Sensibility how charming,
O ye whose cheek the tear of pity stains,
Sweet flow'ret, pledge o' meikle love,
Thou flattering work of friendship kind,
In wood and wild, ye warbling throng,
Lone on the bleaky hills the straying flocks
The lamp of day, with ill-presaging glare,
But rarely seen since Nature's birth,
O Death, hadst thou but spared his life,
One Queen Artemisia, as old stories tell,
No Stewart art thou, Galloway,
Bright ran thy line, O Galloway,
Tune - "O'er the hills," &c.
Sic a reptile was Wat,
Whoe'er thou art, O reader, know,
Shrewd Willie Smellie to Crochallan came,
Tune - "Awa Whigs, awa."
Tune - "Charlie Gordon's welcome hame."
Peg Nicholson was a good bay mare,
Tune - "Cauld is the e'enin blast."
Tune - "Robin Adair."
My honoured colonel, deep I feel
Hail Poesie! thou Nymph reserv'd!
Friend of the Poet, tried and leal,
Revered defender of beauteous Stuart,
Thou of an independent mind,
Lament in rhyme, lament in prose,
Lord, pity me, for I am little,
When by a generous Public's kind acclaim,
No song nor dance I bring from yon great city
Tune - "Rattlin', roarin' Willie."
Tune - "Macgregor of Rura's Lament."
Of all the numerous ills that hurt our peace,
Tune - "Daintie Davie."
Tune - "Dalkeith Maiden Bridge."
Tune - "When she came ben she bobbit."
"Gie him strong drink, until he wink,
What needs this din about the town o' Lon'on,
Tune - "Onagh's Waterfall."
Tune - "She's fair and fause."
Tune - "Ay waukin o'."
A little, upright, pert, tart, tripping wight,
This day, Time winds th' exhausted chain,
Tune - "For the sake of somebody."
Air - "Oran an Aoig."
No more, ye warblers of the wood, no more!
Sing on, sweet thrush, upon the leafless bough,
Searching auld wives' barrels,
Why am I loth to leave this earthly scene?
Tune - "An Gille dubh ciar dhubh."
Tune - "Morag."
Tune. - "A parcel of rogues in a nation."
Tune - "Craigie-burn-wood."
"Of brownys and of bogilis full is this buke."
"An honest man's the noblest work of God."
As Tam the Chapman on a day,
A guid New-year I wish thee, Maggie!
'Dearest of distillation! last and best!----
Tune - "The deuks dang o'er my daddie."
Tune - "Caledonian Hunt's Delight."
Tune - "Robie donna Gorach."
Tune. - "Bhannerach dhon na chri."
Tune - "Cameronian Rant."
Tune - "To daunton me."
Tune - "Bonnie wee thing."
Through and through the inspir'd leaves,
Tune - "The Braes o' Ballochmyle."
The simple Bard, rough at the rustic plough,
On his text, MALACHI, iv. 2 - "And ye shall go forth, and grow up as CALVES of the stall."
Tune - "O mount and go."
Tune - "Salt-fish and dumplings."
Tune - "Kellyburn Braes."
Tune - "Hey ca' thro'."
Tune - "Captain O'Kean."
Tune - "Bab at the bowster."
"Let not ambition mock their useful toil,
In politics if thou would'st mix,
Tune - "Prepare, my dear brethren, to the tavern let's fly."
Tune - "Seventh of November."
As Mailie, an' her lambs thegither,
Tune - "Push about the jorum."
Tune - "The Deil cam' fiddling through the town."
Tune - "Good-night, and joy be wi' you a'."
"The valiant, in himself, what can he suffer?
Tune - "It was a' for our rightfu' king."
Tune - "Killiecrankie."
The man, in life wherever plac'd,
O Thou, the first, the greatest friend
Tune - Chevy Chase.
Tune - "The Weavers' March."
Tune - "Roslin Castle."
Tune - "Banks of Banna."
Curs'd be the man, the poorest wretch in life,
An Excellent New Song.
Tune - "If thou'lt play me fair play."
Tune - "The deuks dang o'er my daddy!"
When Death's dark stream I ferry o'er,
A robe of seeming truth and trust
Sir, as your mandate did request,
The King's most humble servant I,
Tune - "Maggy Lauder."
As cauld a wind as ever blew,
Orthodox, orthodox,
The laddies by the banks o' Nith,
Tune - "Miss Forbes's Farewell to Banff."
Tune - "Jacky Latin."
Tune - "The lazy mist."
The solemn League and Covenant
Tune - "Lass of Inverness."
Tune - "Deil tak the Wars."
Tune - "I had a horse, I had nae mair."
"For sense they little owe to frugal heav'n,
That there is falsehood in his looks
Tune - "Up wi' the ploughman."
Air - "The Mill, Mill, O."
Air - "Hughie Graham."
Like Esop's lion, Burns says, sore I feel
Rash mortal, and slanderous Poet, thy name
While Europe's eye is fix'd on mighty things,
Tune - "Corn rigs are bonnie."
Some hae meat and canna eat,
Tune - "The Bonnie Bell."
Tune - "Shawnboy."
Tune - "The Tailor fell thro' the bed, thimbles an' a'."
To a Highland Air.
What of earls with whom you have supt,
Fill me with the rosy-wine,
Instead of a song, boys, I'll give you a toast,
Ye true "Loyal Natives," attend to my song,
Twas in that place o' Scotland's isle
O a' ye pious godly flocks,
Duan First.[1]
'Twas where the birch and sounding thong are ply'd,
Tune - "The weary Pund o' Tow."
I sing of a whistle, a whistle of worth,
Tune - "Morag."
Tune. - "The Ruffian's Rant."
Tune - "Duncan Davison."
Tune - "There art few gude fellows when Willie's awa."
To a Gaelic Air.
There's naethin like the honest nappy!
Tune - "Green grow the rashes."
Tune - "Strathallan's Lament."
Tune - "This is no my ain house."
Tune - "Fee him, father."
Though fickle Fortune has deceived me,
Tune - "Johnny M'Gill."
Tune--"Invercald's Reel."
Kind Sir, I've read your paper through,
Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face,
Fair Empress of the Poet's soul,
Ha! whare ye gaun, ye crowlin ferlie!
Wee, modest, crimson-tipped flow'r,
Wee, sleekit, cow'rin', tim'rous beastie,
Ellisland, Monday Evening.
'Tis Friendship's pledge, my young, fair friend,
Clarinda, mistress of my soul,
Ellisland, 21st Oct. 1789.
Maxwell, if merit here you crave
Mossgiel, May 3, 1786.
April 21st, 1785.
Sept. 13th, 1785.
April 1st, 1785.
I am a keeper of the law
"Friendship! mysterious cement of the soul!
O Goudie! terror of the Whigs,
Farewell, dear friend! may guid luck hit you,
Now, Kennedy, if foot or horse
O, could I give thee India's wealth,
Health to the Maxwell's vet'ran chief!
With Pegasus upon a day,
Tune - "Death of Captain Cook."
Tune - "Could aught of song."
Beauteous rose-bud, young and gay,
Thine be the volumes, Jessy fair,
Again the silent wheels of time
Sir, o'er a gill I gat your card,
No more of your guests, be they titled or not,
O, had the malt thy strength of mind,
I mind it weel in early date,
Late crippl'd of an arm, and now a leg,
I call no goddess to inspire my strains,
Within your dear mansion may wayward contention
Sept. 17th, 1785.
Spare me thy vengeance, Galloway,
May, 1785.
Tune - "Cold blows the wind."
Curse on ungrateful man, that can be pleas'd,
Here, where the Scottish muse immortal lives,
Ae day, as Death, that grusome carl,
We came na here to view your warks
Tune - "Wae is my heart."
Tune - "Duncan Gray."
Tune - "Lass an I come near thee."
Tune - "Killiecrankie."
Tune - "What can a young lassie do wi' an auld man."
Tune - "The lass that made the bed for me."
Tune - "The gardener wi' his paidle."
Tune - "The eight men of Moidart."
Air - "The Sutor's Dochter."
The wintry west extends his blast,
Whoe'er he be that sojourns here,
Grant me, indulgent Heav'n, that I may live
Ken ye ought o' Captain Grose?
Thou whom chance may hither lead,
Thou whom chance may hither lead,
Ask why God made the gem so small,
Once fondly lov'd and still remember'd dear;
Admiring Nature in her wildest grace,
Among the heathy hills and ragged woods
Tune - "Ye Jacobites by name."
Tune - "Yon wild mossy mountains."
Tune - "The carlin o' the glen."
Tune - "Young Jockey."
Tune - "Last time I cam o'er the muir."