O Kenmure's On And Awa.

A poem by Robert Burns

Tune - "O Kenmure's on and awa, Willie."


O Kenmure's on and awa, Willie!
O Kenmure's on and awa!
And Kenmure's lord's the bravest lord,
That ever Galloway saw.


Success to Kenmure's band, Willie!
Success to Kenmure's band;
There's no a heart that fears a Whig,
That rides by Kenmure's hand.


Here's Kenmure's health in wine, Willie!
Here's Kenmure's health in wine;
There ne'er was a coward o' Kenmure's blude,
Nor yet o' Gordon's line.


O Kenmure's lads are men, Willie!
O Kenmure's lads are men;
Their hearts and swords are metal true
And that their faes shall ken.


They'll live or die wi' fame, Willie!
They'll live or die wi' fame;
But soon wi' sounding victorie,
May Kenmure's lord come hame.


Here's him that's far awa, Willie,
Here's him that's far awa;
And here's the flower that I love best
The rose that's like the snaw!

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