Poems by William F. Kirk

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Dey tal me ay ban a gude faller.
Tal me not, yu knocking fallers,
Abou Swen Anson (he ban yolly dog)
Minneapolis ban qvite bonny
Barbara Frietchie ban brave old hen,
England's sun ban slowly setting on big hilltops far avay;
The shades of night ban falling fast,
"Yu ban old, Fader Olaf," a young geezer
Yeorge Vashington ban honest man.
Horatius ban brave yentleman,
Ay s'pose yu tenk life ban hard game.
Ay ban tenking lots of yu,
Ay s'pose yu know 'bout Lucy Gray
Maude Muller, on nice summer day,
Vat for should dis spirit of mortal ban proud?
Yust two years ago last venter
Listen, Christina, and yu skol hear
"Peek-a-boo!" say little Olaf.
Maester Robinson Crusoe ban lonely old faller
Ef yu ban vise, and ay s'pose yu ban,
Ay ant lak pie-plant pie so wery vell;
Speak yentle; it ban better far
Yumping over crossings,
"Roll out!" yell cookee
Blessings on yu, little man!
Yoyfully, yoyfully,
Miles Standish ban having a courtship
The day ban done, and darkness
Little Tillie Olson
At Vaterloo dar ban a scrap
Dar ban a man named Villiam Tell
Vy yu mak my heart to yump,
Dar ban a little faller,