Speak Gently

A poem by William F. Kirk

Speak yentle; it ban better far
To rule by love dan fear;
Ef yu speak rough, yu stand nice chance
To get gude smash on ear.

Speak yentle to the coal-man - he
Ban easy to get mad;
Ef yu ant getting any coal,
By yinger, dat ban bad!

Speak yentle to the alderman,
Ven he ban feeling blue,
And maybe, ven he turn gude trick.
He skol whack op vith yu.

Speak yentle to yure lady frends,
And give gude lots of bunk,
Ef yu skol lak to getting chance
To put yure clothes in trunk.

Speak yentle to Yim Yeffries, tu, -
Ay tenk dis ban gude hunch;
Den yu ant need to put yure face
On Maester Yeffries' punch!

Speak yentle everyvere yu go,
And people skol forget
That yu ban vatching for gude chance
Tu vinning every bet!

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