Abou Swen Anson

A poem by William F. Kirk

Abou Swen Anson (he ban yolly dog)
Ban asleep von night so sound lak log,
Ven all at vonce he tenk it sure ban day.
"Ay skol vake op now," Maester Anson say.
But, ven he vake, it ant ban day at all,
He see a gude big light right close to vall,
And dar ban anyel faller vith stub pen.
"Gude morning, maester anyel man," say Swen.
"Ay s'pose," he tal the anyel, "yu ban har
To pay me wisit. Skol yu have cigar?"
The anyel shake his head, and Abou Swen
Ask him: "Val, Maester, vy yu com har den?
Vat skol yu write in dis har book of gold?"
The anyel say, "All fallers, young and old,
Who go to church and prayer-meeting, tu;
But ay ant got a place in har for yu."
"Ay s'pose," say Abou, "yu got noder book
For common lumberyacks vich never took
Flyer at church or dis har Sunday-school,
But yust try hard to keeping Golden Rule.
Ef yu got dis book, Maester, put me in!"
Den anyel look at Abou, and he grin.
"Abou," he say, "shak hands. Yu talk qvite free
But, yiminy Christmas, yu look gude to me!"

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