Poems by Kate Greenaway

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Some children are so naughty,
Five little Girls, sitting on a form,
Baby mine, over the trees;
One two, is one to you:
Little Blue Shoes
The King and the Queen were riding
It is a Party, do you know,
Oh who'll give us Posies,
Out of Wonder World I think you come;
Little Molly and Damon
"Are you going next week to see Phillis and Phoebe?
In September, when the apples were red,
In the May-time flowers grow;
I am a very little girl,
"My Polly is so very good,
Oh, sweet Miss Molly,
Little girlie tell to me
If I could see a little fish
Dancing and prancing to town we go,
Ring-a-ring of little boys.
Puff, puff, puff. How the trumpets blow
Oh, Susan Blue,
What did she see oh, what did she see,
You very fine Miss Molly,
Pray let me introduce you to
Four Princesses lived in a Green Tower
Jump jump jump
In my little Green House, quite content am I,
With Roses red Roses,
In the pleasant green Garden
The Wedding Bells were ringing,
Oh, what shall my blue eyes go see?
Oh, dear, how will it end?
They saw it rise in the morning,
Under Rose Arches to Rose Town
When we went out with Grandmamma--
When you and I
Willy said to his sister,
Oh, if you were a little boy,