A Genteel Family.

A poem by Kate Greenaway

Some children are so naughty,
And some are very good;
But the Genteel Family
Did always what it should.

They put on gloves when they went out,
And ran not in the street;
And on wet days not one of them
Had ever muddy feet.

Then they were always so polite,
And always thanked you so;
And never threw their toys about,
As naughty children do.

They always learnt their lessons
When it was time they should;
And liked to eat up all their crusts
They were so very good.

And then their frocks were never torn,
Their tuckers always clean;
And their hair so very tidy
Always quite fit to be seen.

Then they made calls with their mamma
And were so very neat;
And learnt to bow becomingly
When they met you in the street.

And really they were everything
That children ought to be;
And well may be examples now
For little you and me.

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