Little Phillis.

A poem by Kate Greenaway

I am a very little girl,
I think that I've turned two;
And if you'd like to know my name
I'd like to tell it you.

They always call me Baby,
But Phillis is my name.
No no one ever gave it me,
I think it only came.

I've got a pretty tulip
In my little flower-bed;
If you would like I'll give it you
It's yellow, striped with red.

I've got a little kitten, but
I can't give that away,
She likes to play with me so much;
She's gone to sleep to-day.

And I've got a nice new dolly,
Shall I fetch her out to you?
She's got such pretty shoes on,
And her bonnet's trimmed with blue.

You'd like to take her home with you?
Oh, no, she mustn't go;
Good-bye I want to run now,
You walk along so slow.

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