Rondeau. - Brother And Friend.

A poem by Sophie M. Almon-Hensley

Brother and friend I found thee in the hour
Of need and day of trouble, strong and true. -
In June's fair mirth, and when the sunrise hue
Shewed bright where joy had built his thoughtless bower,
Thou wert a child to sport with, something lower
Than a friend's need. I gave, methought, thy due, -
An elder sister's gentleness, nor knew
That ere Spring dawned my soul would feel thy power.
Brother and Friend!

A man, with a man's strength, and will, and fire,
I know thee, my Alcides; thus a god
For some fair soul to reverence, and desire
To own and worship. I can place thee higher
To-day, in naming thee, - pain's paths just trod -
Brother and Friend.

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