A poem by Sophie M. Almon-Hensley

A breath A breath
And a sigh, - And a sigh, -
How we fly How we fly
From Death! From Death! -

A palm Sing on
Warm pressed, O our bird!
As we guessed Thou art heard
Love's psalm. Alone.

A word We know
Breathed close, No life,
And then rose Neither strife,
The bird Nor woe,

That cowers Nor aught
In the wood But this hour, -
'Mid a flood Love's dower
Of flowers, Dear bought. -

Till Love's Death's voice
Heart sighs, Is away,
Like the cries And we may
Of doves, - Rejoice.

Then sings The bird
His song, Of our song
Beating strong May be long
White wings, - Unheard,

Heart clear But, Dear,
Though faint, Bend low;
Like a saint It is now
In prayer. - We hear.

He reigns Dear Heart
In power, Your kiss! -
And Love's hour After this
Disdains. We part.

Forget A breath
For a day And a sigh, -
All his sway, How we fly
Life's fret. From Death!

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