A Song of Rest.

A poem by Sophie M. Almon-Hensley

The world may rage without,
Quiet is here;
Statesmen may toil and shout,
Cynics may sneer;
The great world - let it go -
June warmth be March's snow,
I care not - be it so
Since I am here.

Time was when war's alarm
Called for a fear,
When sorrow's seeming harm
Hastened a tear;
Naught care I now what foe
Threatens, for scarce I know
How the year's seasons go
Since I am here.

This is my resting-place
Holy and dear,
Where Pain's dejected face
May not appear.
This is the world to me,
Earth's woes I will not see
But rest contentedly
Since I am here.

Is't your voice chiding, Love,
My mild career?
My meek abiding, Love,
Daily so near?
"Danger and loss" to me?
Ah, Sweet, I fear to see
No loss but loss of Thee
And I am here.

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