Poems by Joaquin Miller

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A dull eyed rattlesnake that lay
All silent.... So, he lies in state....
Behind him lay the gray Azores,
What great yoked brutes with briskets low,
His footprints have failed us,
His broad brimmed hat push'd back with careless air,
Where the cocoa and cactus are neighbors,
Yes! I am a dreamer.
Rugged! Rugged as Parnassus!
You will come, my bird, Bonita?
Give honor and love for evermore
The city sits amid her palms;
Santa Ana came storming, as a storm might come;
Serene and satisfied! Supreme! As lone
The sun is dying; space and room.
Come, listen O love, to the voice of the dove,
Come listen, O Love, to the voice of the dove,
Who tamed your lawless Tartar blood?
Sound! sound! sound!