The Circus.

A poem by Edwin C. Ranck

O, the circus parade! O, the circus parade!
It lays all the politics back in the shade,
And the merchants forget that they've got any trade,
While many remember they've never been paid
As they rushed out to look at the circus parade;
And preachers who used to be terribly staid
Yell just like boys at the circus parade.
Every one's there, both the mistress and maid,
All looking on at the circus parade.

And out at the grounds, when you've seen the parade,
How delicious it is to drink pink lemonade;
And look at the elephant twirling his trunk,
And laugh at the capers cut by the monk;
Watch the old clown who is acting a dunce,
And try hard to see three rings going at once;
Gaze at the ringmaster cracking his whip,
And watch the tight-rope artist skip.
I saw that circus, Yes Sirree!
Saw about enough for three.

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