Take Up The Household Burden.

A poem by Edwin C. Ranck

Take up the household burden,
No iron rule of kings,
But make your family understand
That you are running things,
Don't storm around and bluster,
And don't get mad and swear
If in the soup is floating--
A rag and a hank of hair.

Take up the household burden
In patience to abide,
To curse the irate grocer
And make your wife confide
By open speech and simple
And hundred times made plain
How she has sought to profit
In spending all you gain.

Take up the household burden--
The little baby boy,
And walk the floor in anguish
And don't let it annoy.
For when the kid seems sleepy
And you are feeling "sold,"
There comes a cry from baby boy
That makes your blood run cold.

Take up the household burden
And try and be a man,
Just simply grin and bear it
And do the best you can.
Come now and try your manhood
And let the future go,
And listen to your elders--
They've tried it and they know.

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