O'Dowd Of The Jefferson Club.

A poem by Edwin C. Ranck

A maddened horse comes down the street,
With waving mane and flying feet.
The crowd scatters in every direction;
It looks like a fight at a city election.
A big policeman waves his hands,
And the air is full of vague commands,
While across the street a retail grocer
Shrieks to his child as the horse draws closer
When suddenly out of the mad hubbub,
Steps Jimmie O'Dowd of the Jefferson Club.

Every man there holds his breath--
To stop the horse means sudden death.
But quick as a flash,
O'Dowd makes a dash.
With all his might and the horse's mane,
He brings the old plug to a halt again.
Then every man there doffs his hat
And cries "Well, what do you think of that?"
Never since the days of Nero
Has there been a greater hero.

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