Christmas Toys.

A poem by Edwin C. Ranck

Say, I like toys,
Christmas toys.
Remember when we were boys
Long ago?
Then you were a kid
Not a beau.
And on Christmas Day,
Oh, say,
We got up in the dark
And had a jolly lark
Round the fire.
The cold air was shocking
As we peeped in our stocking--
And, way down in the toe,
Now say this is so--
Dad placed a dollar.
Made me holler.
Yes, sirree,

They were good to me.
Remember Jim?
Mean trick I did him.
You know Jim was surly?
Well I got up early
Took his dollar out,
And put a rock
In his sock.
Gee, he was mad,
Went and told dad;
But dad he just laughed
And said:
Might's well be dead
If you couldn't have fun.
Then for spite,
I kept that dollar 'til night.
Funny, seein' these toys
Made me think of us boys.
But now, Gee!
Christmas ain't like it used to be.

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