April Fool.

A poem by Edwin C. Ranck

'Twas on the f-f-f-first of April D-D-Day,
W-w-w-when Nature s-s-smiled and all w-w-was gay,
And I--w-w-why I was in a w-w-whirl,
'C-c-cause I w-w-was w-w-walking w-w-with my g-g-girl.

We w-w-wandered through a leafless w-w-wood
W-w-where many giant oak-t-t-trees s-s-stood,
And p-p-paused beside a d-d-dark g-g-green pool
And sat d-d-down on a rustic s-s-stool.

T-t-then out I s-s-spoke in accents b-b-bold,
And all m-m-my l-love for her I t-t-told.
She answered w-w-with a sweet, s-s-hy g-g-glance
That pierced m-m-my h-h-heart like C-C-Cupid's l-lance.

I seized her in a t-t-tight embrace,
And s-s-showered k-k-kisses on her f-f-face,
And t-t-told her that I'd g-g-give my l-life
If she would only b-b-be my w-w-wife.

"Please k-k-keep your l-l-life," the m-m-maid replied
"F-f-for I w-w-will gladly b-b-be your b-b-bride,
And y-y-you" she s-s-said, in t-t-tones quite c-c-cool,
"W-w-why you c-c-can b-b-be my April F-F-Fool."

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