Poems by Yosa Buson

Sorted by title, showing title and first line

A bat flits
Before the white chrysanthemum
Blow of an ax,
Blown from the west,
Buying leeks
Calligraphy of geese
Early summer rain--
Evening wind:
Harvest moon--
He's on the porch,
His Holiness the Abbot
Lighting one candle
Listening to the moon,
My arm for a pillow,
Not quite dark yet
Old well,
Ploughing the land--
Sparrow singing--
Straw sandal half sunk
The behavior of the pigeon
The end of spring--
The old man
The spring sea rising
The willow leaves fallen,
They end their flight
Below are eleven Buson haiku
Washing the hoe--
White blossoms of the pear