Poems by William Hayley

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Awake my soul! in cheerful mood,
Inconcussa tenens dubio vestigia mundo..
October, 1814.
Christmas Day, 1811.
On Her Recent Publication--Practical Piety.
Saviour inspire the voice of earth,
Nor faith, nor hope, whate'er their force,
Tenderest Herald of the sky,
Of all the Christian virtues chief
Source of all kind, all potent thought!
Saviour! pure source of life and zeal intense,
Lord, who in mercy's tender tone
Where may zeal due succour find,
Since the Evening of Life will soon close,
Make us, O God! in whom we breathe, and move,
Lord whose eyes every heart in existence survey,
Dear nymph of a feeling, and delicate mind!
The Fear Of Death.
Let the Nightingale still be renown'd for her song,
Of all the speechless friends of man
Nature, what heart may here by thee,
Say, nature, on whose wond'rous reign
Of creatures that to man attend,
"Can mothers of our English isle,
Ingratitude! of earth the shame!
Not only men of stormy minds,
Of dogs who sav'd a living friend,
Virtue! thou hast spells divine,
Lovely woman! how brave is thy soul,
Maternal love! thou wond'rous power,
Now blest be Providence divine,
Blest be the boy, by virtue nurst,
Who can forget fair freedom's bird,
Kind Heaven will oft a lesson give