Poems by William Barnes

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The primrwose in the shade do blow,
Last Easter Jim put on his blue
Now the light o’ the west is a-turn’d to gloom,
Now the shiades o’ the elems da stratch muore an muore,
'Tis merry ov a zummer's day,
We Do’set, though we mid be hwomely,
I’d a dream to-night
‘Ithin the woodlands, flow’ry gleaded,
Ov all the birds upon the wing
News o' grief had overteaken
A happy day at Whitsuntide,
O aye! they had woone child bezide,
In the zunsheen of our zummers
The girt woak tree that's in the dell!
Where the bridge out at Woodley did stride,
And passing here through evening dew,
When wintry weather's all a-done,
As there I left the road in May,
Ah! sad wer we as we did peace
Since I noo mwore do zee your feäce,
We zot bezide the leafy wall,
If souls should only sheen so bright
Green mwold on zummer bars do show
When our downcast looks be smileless,
No, I’m a man, I’m vull a man,
When sycamore leaves wer a-spreaden
O! MARY, when the zun went down,
When I led by zummer streams