Dies Irae--Dies Pacis

A poem by William Arthur Dunkerley

(As earnestly as any I crave the victory of Right over this madness of Insensate Might against which we are contending. As certainly as any I would, if that were conceivably possible, have adequate punishment meted out to those who have brought this horror upon the world. But I see, as all save the utterly earth-blinded must see--that when the Day of Settlement comes, and we and our allies are in a position to impose terms, unless we go into the Council-Chamber with hearts set inflexibly on the Common Weal of the World--in a word, unless we invite Christ to a seat at the Board--the end may be even worse than the beginning;--this which we have hoped and prayed night be the final war may prove but the beginning of strifes incredible.)

"Only through Me!" ... The clear, high call comes pealing,
Above the thunders of the battle-plain;--
"Only through Me can Life's red wounds find healing;
Only through Me shall Earth have peace again.

Only through Me! ... Love's Might, all might transcending,
Alone can draw the poison-fangs of Hate.
Yours the beginning!--Mine a nobler ending,--
Peace upon Earth, and Man regenerate!

Only through Me can come the great awaking;
Wrong cannot right the wrongs that Wrong hath done;
Only through Me, all other gods forsaking,
Can ye attain the heights that must be won.

Only through Me shall Victory be sounded;
Only through Me can Right wield righteous sword;
Only through Me shall Peace be surely founded;
Only through Me! ... Then bid Me to the Board!"

* * * * *

Can we not rise to such great height of glory?
Shall this vast sorrow spend itself in vain?
Shall future ages tell the woful story,--
"Christ by His own was crucified again"?

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