Pro Deo Et Patria.

A poem by Wilfred S. Skeats

Silent yet fiercely the battle is raging;
Blood is not flowing, but poison is spread;
Freedom and slavery madly are waging
A war that will last till its cause shall be dead.

Canada, thine is the field of the battle,
Nor would the conflict be long or severe,
Were not thy statesmen, "like dumb, driven cattle,"
Led by emolument, daunted by fear.

Slowly advances the Jesuit faction,
Crafty and subtle the means they employ.
Protestants fight, but uncertain their action--
Party dissensions their power destroy.

Love of their country still loudly professing,
On to the conflict divided they go.
Firmest allegiance to Britain confessing,
Still disunited they fight with her foe.

Canada, these are the men who defend thee--
These the brave soldiers who fight in thy name:
Fierce is the struggle, but soon will the end be;
And Leo shall lead thee to glory and fame!

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