Poems by Violet Jacob

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"A change o' deils is lichtsome." -
Give me to-night to hide me in the shade,
Out in the upland places,
Craigo Woods, wi' the splash o' the cauld rain beatin'
The willows stand by Fringford brook,
When winter's pulse seems dead beneath the snow,
I canna' see ye, lad, I canna' see ye,
(To A Pipe Tune)
There's some that mak' themsels a name
O Rab an' Dave an' rantin' Jim,
Fine div I ken what ails yon puddock, Janet,
O Logie Kirk amang the braes,
Maggie, I ken that ye are happ'd in glory
Gin I should fa',
The year declines, and yet there is
In the prison-house of the dark
I'm fairly disjaskit, Christina,
O Jean, my Jean, when the bell ca's the congregation
Them that's as highly placed as me
Above the darkened house the night is spread,
The land is white, an' far awa'
I whiles gang to the brig-side
Beside the doo'cot up the braes
Daytime an' nicht,
I mind, when I dream at nicht,
I see the Gowk an' the Gowk sees me
I have brought no store from the field now the day is ended,
O Alec, up at Soutar's fairm,
Laddie, my lad, when ye gang at the tail o' the plough
My love stood at the loanin' side
It was faur-ye-weel, my dear, that the gulls were cryin'
Below the braes o' heather, and far alang the glen,
Lay me in yon place, lad,
The weary, weary days gang by,
Aweel, I'm couped. But wha' could tell
To Marykirk ye'll set ye forth,
I see her as though she were standing yet
Abune the hill ae muckle star is burnin',
There's a tod aye blinkin' when the nicht comes doon,
I'm Sairgeant Weelum Henderson frae Pairth,
As I gae'd doon by the twa mill dams i' the mornin'
There's a wind comes doon frae the braes when the licht is spreadin'
"O tell me what was on yer road, ye roarin' norlan' Wind,
Past life, past tears, far past the grave,
I dreamed that life and time and space were one,