Poems by Vasko Popa

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Once upon a time there was a mistake
Once upon a time there was a number
Until her last breath she enlarges
Shut one eye then the other
Nobody rests
We raise our arms
Look here's that uninvited
Unquiet you walk
Green gloves rustle
The nights are running out of darkness
From the wrinkle between my brows
Toothed eyes fly
Just come to my mind
Give me back my rags
I've wiped your face off my face
Enough chattering violets enough sweet trash
Get out of my walled infinity
Someone hides from someone else
Someone embraces me
The little box which contains the world
Some bite from the others
Sing little box
We'll return the little box
Don't open the little box
Don't box down to the little box
to Karl Max Ostojic
The little box gets her first teeth
Line the inside of the little box
Open little box
Throw into the little box
Not even in a dream
Each strips his own skin