Galahad, Knight Who Perished

A poem by Vachel Lindsay

A Poem Dedicated to All Crusaders against the International and Interstate Traffic in Young Girls

Galahad... soldier that perished... ages ago,
Our hearts are breaking with shame, our tears overflow.
Galahad... knight who perished... awaken again,
Teach us to fight for immaculate ways among men.
Soldiers fantastic, we pray to the star of the sea,
We pray to the mother of God that the bound may be free.
Rose-crowned lady from heaven, give us thy grace,
Help us the intricate, desperate battle to face
Till the leer of the trader is seen nevermore in the land,
Till we bring every maid of the age to one sheltering hand.
Ah, they are priceless, the pale and the ivory and red!
Breathless we gaze on the curls of each glorious head!
Arm them with strength mediaeval, thy marvellous dower,
Blast now their tempters, shelter their steps with thy power.
Leave not life's fairest to perish - strangers to thee,
Let not the weakest be shipwrecked, oh, star of the sea!

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