Poems by Unknown

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There once was a lady from Guam,
A flea and a fly in a flue,
A genius who once did aspire
Every rose has its thorn
You can always tell the English,
I wish that my room had a floor;
The following is a recipe for an author:
Little drops in water -
There once were some learned M.D.'s,
There was an old man with a beard,
A thing of beauty is a joy forever;
In good looks I am not a star.
A man to whom illness was chronic,
There once was an old man of Lyme.
There was a young man from the city,
There was a young lady from Boston,
There once were two cats in Kilkenny,
There was a young lady whose dream
Augustus Fitzgibbons Moran
There was a young man from the West,
There was an old monk of Siberia,
There was an old man who said, "How
A young theologian named Fiddle
A Colonel, who used to assert
There was a young lady named Perkins,
There was a young lady named Maud,
There was a young lady of Cork,
There was a young man of Dunbar,
The Frenchman loves his native wine;
Here's to the girls of the American shore,
Sing a song of sick gents,
Here's to the man who is wisest and best,
An epitaph in an old Moravian cemetery reads thus:
I thought it mushroom when I found
Maria Brown,
On the tombstone of a Mr. Box appears this inscription:
Said an envious, erudite ermine:
There was a young man so benighted,
There was a young girl named O'Neill,
There once was a pious young priest,
Here's to the four hinges of Friendship -
There was an old man in a hearse,
There was a young person named Ned,
A glass is good, a lass is good,
May good humor preside when good fellows meet,
"Here's a health to thee and thine
Here's to the host and the hostess,
There is gladness in his gladness, when he's glad,
The girl with the ruby lips we like,
Here lies our sovereign lord, the king,
Here's to a kiss:
There was an old maiden from Fife,
There was a young sailor of Lyd,
Here's to the red of the holly berry,
There once was a maiden of Siam,
This world that we're a-livin' in
The knot was tied; the pair were wed,
Here's to the men! God bless them!
Men are four:
There was an old man of Nantucket
There was a young fellow named Paul,
Can the Burbanks of the glorious West
There was a great swell in Japan,
Little grains of short weight,
A dinner, coffee and cigars,
I never see my rector's eyes;
A scrupulous priest of Kildare,
A father once said to his son,
Clean and dress a wriggle, add a pint of nearly milk,
To a presence that's much more than queenly,
Take a boy with bare feet as a starter
To a cupful of negative goodness
To a quart of boiling temper add a pint of Irish stew
To the power that already lies in her hands
To fearful and wonderful rolling of "r's,"
Stuff a hired dress-suit case with an effort to please,
To one slice of ham add assortment of roles.
Take a personal hatred of authors,
A pound and three-quarters of kitten,
Four hundred and twenty-two movements -
Librettos of all of the operas,
For every ill beneath the sun
Said a great Congregational preacher
There was a young man from Ostend,
There was a young fellow named Hall,
She smiles, my darling smiles, and all
There was a young person called Smarty,
There once was a lonesome, lorn spinster,
Here's to the Bachelor, so lonely and gay,
In the spring the housemaid's fancy
I'd rather be a Could Be
Here's to a temperance supper,
There was an old fellow named Green,
The Mrs. never misses
There was a young woman named Sue,
There was a young lady named Ruth,
Here's to the ladies, the good, young ladies;
Here's to the soldier and his arms,
You are a dear, sweet girl,
Here's to the world, the merry old world,