A poem by Thomas Runciman

Once as the aureole
Day left the earth,
Faded, a twilight soul,
Memory, had birth:
Young were her sister souls, Sorrow and Mirth.

Dark mirrors are her eyes:
Wherein who gaze
See wan effulgencies
Flicker and blaze -
Lorn fleeting shadows of beautiful days.

Scan those deep mirrors well
After long years:
Lo! what aforetime fell
In rain of tears,
In radiant glamour-mist now reappears.

See old wild gladness
Tamed now and coy;
Grief that was madness
Turned into joy.
Fate cannot harry them now, nor annoy.

Down from yon throbbing blue,
Passionless, fair,
Still faces look on you,
Sunlit their hair,
With a slow smile at your pleasure and care.

Life and death murmurings
From their lips go
In vaster music-rings;
Outward they flow,
Tenderer, wilder, than songs that we know.

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