Poems by Thomas Edward Brown

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"Lie there," I said, "my Sorrow! lie thou there!
Ah little mill, you're rumbling still,
High stretched upon the swinging yard,
She knelt upon her brother's grave,
I bended unto me a bough of May,
I wonder if in that far isle,
To-night I saw three maidens on the beach,
When Jessie comes with her soft breast,
I know ’tis but a loom of land,
A garden is a lovesome thing, God wot!
I needs must meet him, for he hath beset
Old John, if I could sit with you a day
As I was carving images from clouds,
The Man that hath great griefs I pity not;
Methinks in Him there dwells alway
To live within a cave, it is most good;
When He appoints to meet thee, go thou forth,
Why do I make so much of Aber Fall?
We have not seen the sun for many days,
The shepherd calls,
Just listen to the blackbird, what a note
The heavens are very blue
Ha! snow
The stream is very sweet