Sonnet. Set By Mr. William Lawes.

A poem by Richard Lovelace

When I by thy faire shape did sweare,
And mingled with each vowe a teare,
I lov'd, I lov'd thee best,
I swore as I profest.
For all the while you lasted warme and pure,
My oathes too did endure.
But once turn'd faithlesse to thy selfe and old,
They then with thee incessantly[23.1] grew cold.

I swore my selfe thy sacrifice
By th' ebon bowes[23.2] that guard thine eyes,
Which now are alter'd white,
And by the glorious light
Of both those stars, which of[23.3] their spheres bereft,
Only the gellie's left.
Then changed thus, no more I'm bound to you,
Then swearing to a saint that proves untrue.

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