Poems by Richard Hunter

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Dolly's home's far away,
This is the long and
His dressing-gown's blue, and
There is a brown dolly
Some dolls are ev'ry bit as good
Dinah's cheeks are black as coal;
Here's Uncle Jujuba,
Little Yam Mango
He's always standing on his toes,
Mollie's frock is crimson,
Sing a song of Ping-pong,
When little dolls in Nurs'ry Street,
This is Prince Charming,
There is a queer dolly named Punch,
Saint Nicholas brings presents
He smiles throughout the morning,
There was a grand coachman,
There was a bold cowboy
Right about, left about,
You may call him an imp,
There's one doll for winter,
Shepherdess! Shepherdess!
Swing up!
If one were not blue,