Poems by Richard Harris Barham

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'Non multo post, Gengulphus, in domo sua dormiens, occisus est a quodam clerico qui cum uxore sua adulterare solebat. Cujus corpus dum in fereto in sepulturam portaretur, multi infirmi de tactu sanati sunt.'
'Statim sacerdoti apparuit diabolus in specie puell pulchritudinis mir, et ecce Divus, fide catholica et cruce et aqua benedicta armatus, venit, et aspersit aquam in nomine Sanct et Individu Trinitatis, quam, quasi ardentem, diabolus, nequaquam susti
Fytte I.
Oh, my head! my head! my head!
Och! the Coronation! what celebration
O Summer Hill! if thou wert mine,
'The play's the thing!' Hamlet.
Whene'er with pitying eye I view
Oh! the balloon, the great balloon!
Stant littore Puppies! Virgil.
Francois Xavier Auguste was a gay Mousquetaire,
Poor Tray charmant!
My Lord Tomnoddy got up one day;
There stands a City,, neither large nor small,
Malefica quaedam auguriatrix in Anglia fuit, quam demones horribiliter extraxerunt, et imponentes super equum terribilem, per aera rapuerunt; Clamoresque terribiles (ut ferunt) per quatuor ferme miliaria audiebantur.
The Jackdaw sat on the Cardinal's chair!
Odille was a maid of a dignified race;
The Captain is walking his quarter-deck,
I believe there are few
Quæque ipse miserrima vidi. Virgil.
Scene, the 'Snuggery' at Tappington. Grandpapa in a high-backed cane-bottomed elbow-chair of carved walnut-tree, dozing; his nose at an angle of forty-five degrees,his thumbs slowly perform the rotatory motion described by lexicographers as 'twiddlin
Too late! though flowerets round me blow,