Poems by Ramakrishna, T.

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At length the four great Mahometan governments, A'dil Sháh, Nízám Sháh, Baríd, and Kútb Sháh, formed a league against Rám Rája, then ruling at Bijáyanagar. A great battle took place on the Kishna, near Tálicót, which, for the numbers engaged, the fie
A poet of my native land has said -
It was by far the loveliest scene in Ind: -
The Korathy is the tattooer of the Indian village, who offers her services for a small fee. Hindu females are very fond of having their bodies tattooed. The Korathy first makes a sketch of the figure of a scorpion or a serpent on the part of the body
It was the month of May, and glorious rose
A deep calm sea; on the blue waters toiled,
It was a land of plenty and of wealth;
The star that rose to cheer our humble life,