To Anne On Her Birthday

A poem by Nora Pembroke

Let mirth and joy a season reign
And sorrow flee away
Sadness were perfect sin it is
My Anne's natal day

And now a birthday rhyme for her
This sister of my own
Accept the song then for my sake
Sister and only one

So long we've lived together here
Our hopes and fears the same
Like two of autumn's last grown leaves
Last of our race and name

The past we know its grief and joy
Its pleasure and its pain
But know not what may happen ere
Your birthday comes again

Shall we be cradled in the deep
Beneath the briny wave?
Or shall the white deer lightly bound
Over my forest grave?

Or living yet divided far
With lands and seas between
And sorrow reigning in the hearts
Where childhood's joy has been

The future's sealed we know it not
But wander where we will
On this broad earth we shall remain
Lone loving sisters still

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