Lines On Annexation.

A poem by Nora Pembroke

We honour Brother Jonathan,
For what he has done and dared;
Nobly and firmly he hath stood
His freeborn rights to guard.

And when we see him, go ahead,
We are not with envy vexed;
We wish him all prosperity
Yet will not be annexed.

We know he has much moral force;
Much that is good and great;
Much enterprise and energy,
Which we would imitate.

But there's upon his scutcheon stains,
Which we lament to see;
And will not share--will not annex--
Our soil and air are free--

And far more glorious is the flag
Which o'er the Briton waves,
Than that whose stars of freedom shine
Upon the stripes of slaves.

We love our Queen--we love our laws;
We feel that we are free--
As independently we sit,
Each 'neath his maple tree.

Serene, while over other lands
Rolls revolution's storm,
Where they can't speak their grievances--
Dare not demand reform.

We can, as freeborn subjects, make
Our wants and wishes known--
Our voices move the parliament
And vibrate to the throne.

We're Britons and as such we'll not
For annexation sue.
Our prayer is still, God save the Queen
And bless our country too.


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