Lines For The Bridal

A poem by Nora Pembroke

They will place a bridal wreath, maiden,
To crown all your shining hair;
The mist-like cloud of the bridal veil
Will float round a face most fair.

They will dress you in bridal robes, maiden,
And the holy words be said,
And the ring put on and two made one,
And the maiden we love be wed.

You'll give him your virgin hand, maiden,
And become a wedded wife;
That hand will mingle "honey for two"
To sweeten the bitter of life.

They will give you costly gifts, maiden,
And many a wish beside
Will rise in prayer in blessings come down
On thy head O fair young bride

And kind will the bridegroom be maiden
True and tender as years roll on
Who learns to love in the school of Christ
Will cherish what he has won

And so what can I say more maiden
Wooed and won and to be wed,
Pray that His blessing who loved till death
May rest on your fair young head

In the hollow of His hand maiden,
He will keep you who fainteth not
He will cause the splendour of His face
To shine on your happy lot

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