Farewell To Lord And Lady Dufferin

A poem by Nora Pembroke

In leaving us, whom thou hast governed well
Holding the helm of state through all these years
The land at large unites in a farewell
That's mingled with regret akin to tears

My Lord, we welcomed you in coming here
As one our gracious Queen thought fit to send
Your term of office hath so made you dear
We say farewell to you as friend to friend

It is not homage paid to honours worn
Lightly, as that which comes to one unsought;
Nor to thy high desent, oh nobly born
Nor to the aristocracy of thought.

And yet we do not undervalue here
Honours the nobles of our land enjoy;
We hold in high esteem the British Peer,
Warm to the ancient name of Clandeboye.

Warmly we feel to one who is akin
To that most marvellous genius Sheridan;
But warmer still the tribute that you win,
Paid, not to Lord, or Viceroy, to the man,

Who of no party, yet both far and near,
In distant wilderness and crowded mart,
With words that rouse and stimulate and cheer,
Has drawn the whole Dominion to your heart.

From Essex, by thy waters, sweet St. Clair,
To Gaspe, sentry on a stormy coast;
From Prima Vista to Vancouver, where
Will your departure be regretted most?

No Viceroy of this land has ever left
Such large regrets, as you my Lord, will do;
For admiration, confidence, respect
Are felt for you the wide Dominion through.

The miner at his work, the axeman where
He hews out fortune with enduring toil;
The farmer with his plenty and to spare,
For laughing harvests crown our fruitful son.

The fisher on our coast, the pioneer
Who strives the distant wilderness to tame;
The Indian hunter, wild unknown to fear,
On his swift horse swooping upon his game

From settlers fanned by keen Atlantic air,
To those the broad Pacific's breezes cool,
To forest shade and prairie verdure, where
Sit Indian maidens in the mission school

Never did Governor before receive
Such loyal homage as your heart has won,
Nor left so fair a record as you leave,
Or stood so near to us as you have done

You have the kindly sympathetic heart
Of her who loved the common people well,
The noble lady who with witching art
Taught us to sing the "Emigrant's Farewell.'

And the dear lady who has reigned your queen
Over the gaieties of Rideau Hall,
Her genial, gracious courtesies have been,
A talisman to win the hearts of all

Oh, Earl, and Countess, if good wishes may
Add anything to your most brilliant state,
The wide Dominion with one heart will pray
You may be blessed of God as well as great

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