A Mother's Lament For An Only One

A poem by Nora Pembroke


Seek not to calm my grief,
To stay the falling tear;
Have pity on me, ye my friends,
The hand of God is here.

She was my only one,
Oh, then my love how great!
Now she is gone, my heart and home
Are empty desolate

I thought not, in my love
That we were doomed to part,
Now I am childless, and my fate
Falls heavy on my heart

O Thou who gave the gift,
Who took the gift away,
Who only can heal up the wound,
Give answer while I pray!

Do Thou send comfort down,
All goodness as Thou art,
Even in Thy last passion, Thou
Didst soothe a mother's heart.

I would not take her back,
From Thee, from Heaven and bliss,
Though yearning for her twining arms,
And happy loving kiss

I miss her bounding step,
Her voice of bird like glee,
Yet thank Thee I had such a child
To give her back to Thee

Father, my child! my child,
Is laid beneath the sod!
and, oh! with quivering lips I try
To kiss the chastening rod

Father, Thy will be done
Oh make my will the same!
And teach me in this trying hour,
To glorify Thy name.

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