Poems by Nizar Qabbani

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My darling, I have much to say
Green Tunisia, I have come to you as a lover
My son places his paint box in front of me
(A Letter to a Man)
Barada, oh father of all rivers
When the moon is born in the east,
And of me say the fools:
Do not say my love was
Every time I kiss you
Good morning sweetheart.
We are accused of terrorism:
I conquer the world with words,
"I have no power to change you
In the summer
I wept until my tears were dry
When a man is in love
If you are my friend...
Light is more important than the lantern,
I do not resemble your other lovers, my lady
In the blue harbor of your eyes
Do not ask me, the name of my love
My lover asks me:
Oh, my love
Love happened at last,
If I were promised safety,
Your love taught me to grieve
The face of Qana
She sat with fear in her eyes
The last walls of shame fell,
The East receives my songs, some praise, some curse
O pupils of Gaza...
We are accused of terrorism
When I love
When I love you
He lets me listen, when he moves me,
raise me more love... raise me