Poems by Michael Earls

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Ye who heed a nation's call
France tells the story, make our hearts know well,
Turn from Kerry crossroads and leave the wooded dells,
(For John McCormack)
(For Fr. C. L. O'Donnell)
And all the grottoed aisles along,
Obedience to the seasons' marshall-rod,
Yea, constant through the changeful year,
And the resounding harpers of the vine,
(for Gerry)
Let me go back again. There is the road,
O ye who sail Potomac's even tide
Gray mist on the sea,
My father had the gay good tunes, the like you'd seldom hear,
(For Jack)
(For Joyce Kilmer)
Send us back the olden knights, tell no law to track 'em,
(For Christine and Tom)
But a fortnight later, by an autumn tree,
The little green soldiers are here at last,
Along the north a mountain crest,
Gray lonely rocks about thee stand,
Along Virginia's wondering roads
"Ready I ride to the Chief for the sign,"
You never know when war may come,
(For Osceola and Pocahontas)
Two gloomy scenes may be,
Still goes the strife; the anguish does not die.
Maelanfaid saw a tiny bird
The best of true philosophers
But the children are the wise men,
A sailor that rides the ocean wave,
Tim of the Tales they call me,
Two young lads from childhood up
(For W. M. Letts)
(For T. A. Daly)
We will go adventuring, will you come adventuring,
(For Aedh)
Not from Mars and not from Thor
Winter's tyrant king retires;