From Eclogue ix

A poem by Michael Drayton

Rowland. Of her pure eyes (that now is seen)
Chorus. Help vs to sing that be her faithful swains
Row: O she alone the shepheards Queen,
Cho: Her Flocke that leades,
The goddesse of these medes,
These mountaines and these plaines.

Row: Those eyes of hers that are more cleere,
Cho: Then silly shepheards can in song expresse,
Row: Then be his beams that rule the yeare,
Cho: Fy on that prayse,
In striuing things to rayse:
That doth but make them lesse.

Row: That doe the flowery spring prolong,
Cho: So much the earth doth in her presence ioy,
Row: And keeps the plenteous summer young:
Cho: And doth asswage
The wrathfull winters rage
That would our flocks destroy.

Row: Ioue saw her brest that naked lay,
Cho: A sight alone was fit for Ioue to see:
Row: And swore it was the milkie way,
Cho: Of all most pure,
The path (we vs assure)
Vnto Ioues court to be.

Row: He saw her tresses hanging downe.
Cho: That too and fro were mooued with the ayre,
Row: And sayd that Ariadnes crowne,
Cho: With those compar'd:
The gods should not regard
Nor Berenices hayre.

Row: When she hath watch'd my flockes by night,
Cho: O happie were the flockes that she did keepe:
Row: They neuer needed Cynthia's light,
Cho: That soone gaue place,
Amazed with her grace,
That did attend thy sheepe.

Row: Aboue where heauens hie glories are,
Cho: When as she shall be placed in the skies,
Row: She shall be calld the shepheards starre,
Cho: And euermore,
We shepheards will adore,
Her setting and her rise.

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