Poems by Maurice Henry Hewlett

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When she had left us but a little while
Not that dull spleen which serves i' the world for scorn,
That hour when thou and Grief were first acquainted
Blue is the Adrian sea, and darkly blue
Hearken, O passers, what thing
Love owes tribute unto Death,
To the Fountain of my long Dream,
My thought of thee is tortured in my sleep--
Oh, I am weak to serve thee as I ought;
Late, when the sun was smouldering down the west,
Meseems thine eyes are two still-folded lakes
Gnatho, Satyr, homing at dusk,
Before you pass and leave me gaunt and chill
Queen of the shadows, Maid and Wife,
Long loving, all our love was husbanded
Of courteous Limozin wight,
I thank all Gods that I can let thee go,
Oreithyia, by the North Wind carried
When she had left us but a little while,
That day--it was the last of many days,
The snow lies deep, ice-fringes hem the thatch;
When Spring blows o'er the land, and sunlight flies
The blue night falleth, the moon
Mossy gray stands the House, four-square to the wind,
Breathless was she and would not have us part:
In June I brought her roses, and she cupt
Since green earth is awake
When winds blow high and leaves begin to fall,
I cannot add one tendril to your bays,
Sun and Moon, shine upon me;
Sometimes the spirit that never leaves me quite