Songs Set To Music: 24. Set By Mr. C. R.

A poem by Matthew Prior

Cloe beauty has, and wit,
And an air that is not common;
Every charm in her does meet,
Fit to make a handsome woman.

But we do not only find
Here a lovely face or feature,
For she's merciful and kind;
Beauty's answer'd by good-nature.

She is always doing good,
Of her favours never sparing,
And, as all good Christians should,
Keeps poor mortals from despairing.

Jove the power knew of her charms,
And that no man could endure 'em,
So providing 'gainst all harms,
Gave to her the power to cure 'em,

And 'twould be a cruel thing,
When her black eyes have raised desire,
Should she not her bucket bring,
And kindly help to quench the fire.

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