Poems by Matsuo Basho

Sorted by title, showing title and first line

A bee
A caterpillar,
A cicada shell;
At a hermitage:
A field of cotton--
A monk sips morning tea,
A snowy morning--
Autumn moonlight--
Awake at night--
Blowing stones
Bush warbler:
Cold night: the wild duck,
Coolness of the melons
Don't imitate me;
First day of spring--
First snow
First winter rain--
Fleas, lice,
Heat waves shimmering
How admirable!
Moonlight slanting
Spring rain
Staying at an inn
Taking a nap,
Teeth sensitive to the sand
The dragonfly
The morning glory also
The oak tree:
Following are several translations
The squid seller's call
This old village--
What fish feel,
When the winter chrysanthemums go,
Winter garden,
Winter solitude--
Wrapping the rice cakes,