Poems by Mary Gardiner Horsford

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Through the half-curtained window stole
I knelt beside a little bed,
I remember once, when a careless child,
I looked upon the fair young flowers
Blessings on thee, noble boy!
Beside me, in the golden light
Where the waters of the Mohawk
Leonardo da Vinci is said to have been four years employed upon the portrait of Mona Lisa, a fair Florentine, without being able to come up to the idea of her beauty.
My native isle! my native isle!
The town of Pleurs, situated among the Alps and containing about two thousand five hundred inhabitants, was overwhelmed in 1618 by the falling of Mount Conto. The avalanche occurred in the night, and no trace of the village or any of its inhabitants
As the bright flowers start from their wintry tomb,
'Neath their green and cool cathedrals,
An Incident Of The French Revolution And Reign Of Robespierre.
Night bent o'er the mountains
The twilight o'er Italia's sky
With dirge-like music, low,
The sunset on Judah's high places grew pale,
I heard the strokes of the midnight bell
The ancient Highlanders believed the spirits of their departed friends continually present, and that their imagined appearances and voices communicated warnings of approaching death.
Diodorus has recorded an impressive Egyptian ceremonial, the judgment of the dead by the living. When the corpse, duly embalmed, had been placed by the margin of the Acherusian Lake, and before consigning it to the bark that was to bear it across the
Travellers in Mexico have found the form of a serpent invariably pictured over the doorways of the Indian Temples, and on the interior walls, the impression of a red hand.
The Indian name for the Falls of St. Anthony signifies "Laughing Water," and here tradition says that a young woman of the Dahcotah tribe, the father of her children having taken another wife, unmoored her canoe above the fall, and placing herself an
"There dwelt a nun in Dryburgh bower
A void is in the sky!
A story is told in Spain, of a woman, who, by a sudden shock of domestic calamity, became insane, and ever after looked up incessantly to the sky.
During the Revolutionary war, a young American lady was murdered, while dressed in her bridal robe, by a party of Indians, sent by her betrothed to conduct her to the village where he was encamped. After the deed was done, they carried her long hair
The historical incident related in this poem is recorded in Cheever's "JOURNAL OF THE PILGRIMS."
"He who would write heroic poems, must make his whole life a heroic poem."--MILTON.
There is an artless tradition among the Indians, related by Irving, of a warrior who saw the thunderbolt lying upon the ground, with a beautifully wrought moccasin on each side of it. Thinking he had found a prize, he put on the moccasins, but they b
She dwelt within a convent wall
Oh! call us not silent,
'T is said that each succeeding year