Poems by Margaret Atwood

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You're sad because you're sad.
Gone are the days
Starspangled cowboy
All those times I was bored
Your lungs fill & spread themselves,
Marriage is not
The world is full of women
In the secular night you wander around
Love is not a profession
More and more frequently the edges
In the burned house I am eating breakfast.
There is nothing to be afraid of,
I'm thinking about you. What else can I say?
What should we have taken
He was the sort of man
This is the one song everyone
My daughter plays on the floor
Cruising these residential Sunday
This is the lair of the landlady
The moment when, after many years
The rest of us watch from beyond the fence
My shadow said to me:
It was taken some time ago.
I would like to watch you sleeping,
This is a word we use to plug
You begin this way:
You fit into me
You take my hand and