In The Forest Of Love

A poem by Madison Julius Cawein

What sighed the Forest to the nest?
"So young, so old,
Help me to mold
This life I hold."
What said the bird,
That harked and heard?
"Below, above,
Love, love is best.
Take heed, my Life, and quit thy quest.
The meaning of Love is rest."
So spake the bird.
What cried the Nightwind to the trees?
"Thou dream of Earth,
Make me of worth
In death and birth!"
What said the wood
Stark-still that stood?
"Below, above,
Give me increase.
Take heed, my Heart! thy sighings cease.
The meaning of Love is peace."
So spake the Wood.
What sobbed the Earth in deep and height?
"O Song of Songs,
Unloose my thongs,
And right my wrongs!"
What said the Clod,
That dreamed of God?
"Below, above,
Prisoner of Night,
Spirit, lift high thy taper-light!
The meaning of Love is might."
So spake the Clod.

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