Frogs At Night

A poem by Madison Julius Cawein

I heard the toads and frogs last night
When snug in bed, and all was still;
I lay and listened there until
It seemed a church where one, with might,
Was preaching high and very shrill:
"The will of God!
The will of God!"

To which a voice, below the hill,
Basso-profundo'd deep, "The will!"
"The will of God!
The will of God!"
"The will! The will!"

They croaked and chorused hoarse or shrill.
It made me sleepy; sleepier
Than any sermon ever heard:
And so I turned upon my ear
And went to-sleep and never stirred:
But in my sleep I seemed to hear:
"The word of God!
The word of God!"

Chanted and quavered, chirped and purred,
To which one deep voice croaked, "The word!"
"The word of God!
The word of God!"
"The word! The word!"
And I slept on and never stirred.

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