A poem by Madison Julius Cawein

We have worshipped two gods from our earliest youth,
Soul of my soul and heart of me!
Young forever and true as truth
The gods of Beauty and Poesy.

Sweet to us are their tyrannies,
Sweet their chains that have held us long,
For God's own self is a part of these,
Part of our gods of Beauty and Song.

What to us if the world revile!
What to us if its heart rejects!
It may scorn our gods, or curse with a smile,
The gods we worship, that it neglects:

Nothing to us is its blessing or curse;
Less than nothing its hate and wrong:
For Love smiles down through the universe,
Smiles on our gods of Beauty and Song.

We go our ways: and the dreams we dream
People our path and cheer us on;
And ever before is the golden gleam,
The star we follow, the streak of dawn:

Nothing to us is the word men say;
For a wiser word still keeps us strong,
God's word, that makes fine fire of clay,
That shaped our gods of Beauty and Song.

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