Don Quixote

A poem by Madison Julius Cawein

On receiving a bottle of Sherry Wine of the same name

What "blushing Hippocrene" is here! what fire
Of the"warm South" with magic of old Spain!
Through which again I seem to view the train
Of all Cervantes' dreams, his heart's desire:
The melancholy Knight, in gaunt attire
Of steel rides by upon the windmill-plain
With Sancho Panza by his side again,
While, heard afar, a swineherd from a byre
Winds a hoarse horn.
And all at once I see
The glory of that soul who rode upon
Impossible quests, following a deathless dream
Of righted wrongs, that never were to be,
Like many another champion who has gone
Questing a cause that perished like a dream.

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