Poems by Lydia Howard Sigourney

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Daughter of LUCIUS F. ROBINSON and Mrs. ELIZA S. ROBINSON, died at Hartford, Wednesday, April 10th, 1861, aged 6 years and 2 months.
Son of C. TALCOTT, Esq., died at Hartford, October 26th, 1860, aged 2 years and 6 months.
Died at Hartford, December 30th, 1861.
Died at Hartford, on Friday morning, January 10th, 1862.
Died at Hartford, May 22d, 1860, aged 87.
Professor of Astronomy in Yale College, Conn., died at New Haven, May, 1859.
Died at Hartford, August 4th, 1861; and his wife, Mrs. ELIZA STORRS TRUMBULL, the night after his funeral.
Died at Providence, Rhode Island, April 27th, 1862, aged 7 years and 2 months.
Daughter of Col. SAMUEL and Mrs. ELIZABETH COLT, died January 20th, 1862, aged 7 months and 27 days.
Youngest child of the late Capt. JOHN C. COMSTOCK, died at Hartford, February 11th, 1862, a fortnight after his father, aged 11 months.
Only son of SAMUEL S. FOSS, Esq., died May 23d, 1859, aged three years and three months.
Died at Hartford, July 8th, 1862, aged 68.
Late Chief Justice of Connecticut, died at Hartford, on Sunday morning, December 15th, 1861, aged 84.
Died in Norwich, Connecticut, January 18th, 1862, aged 92.
Widow of the late ANSON G. PHELPS, Esq., died at New York, April 24th, 1859, aged 74.
Widow of the late CALEB POND, Esq., died at Hartford, February 19th 1861, aged 73.
Widow of the late SPENCER WHITING, Esq., died at Hartford, April, 1859, aged 88.
Widow of the late EZEKIEL WILLIAMS, Esq., and Daughter of Chief Justice Oliver Ellsworth, died at Hartford, February 28th, 1860, aged 87.
Child of RobERT BONNER, Esq., died at New York, April 28th, 1859, aged 13 months.
Died at Hartford, Nov. 11th, 1839, aged 4 years and 6 months.
Died at Hartford, September 23d, 1859.
Died at Mansfield, Connecticut, February, 1861.
Died at Hartford, August 24th, 1860.
Died at New York, November 17th, 1861.
Daughter of Hon. Judge BALL of Hoosick Falls, N.Y., died at the City of Washington, 1862.
A faithful Teacher of the young from early years, and recently the Principal of a Female Seminary and Boarding School at St. Anthony, Minnesota, died suddenly of an attack of fever, while on a visit at her paternal home in Vermont, September, 15th, 1
Died at Hartford, September 28th, 1862.
Adopted daughter of Mrs. WILLIAM TRACY, died at New York, in 1860, aged 17.
Died at Portland, Connecticut, January 1st, 1861.
Died at Hartford, July, 1861.
Died at Hartford, May 12th, 1860.
Died at Hartford, October 23d, 1861, aged 20.
Formerly a Teacher in Hartford, died at Cleveland, Ohio, March 12th, 1862.
Died at Hartford, January 26th, 1862, aged 61.
Died at Hartford, May 4th, 1860.
Died at Hartford, on Saturday Evening, November 15th, 1862, aged 62 years.
Died at Hartford, November, 1861.
Editor of the "Christian Secretary" for more than twenty years, died at Hartford, December 5th, aged 59.
Died at Hartford, January 29th, 1862, aged 92.
Died at Philadelphia, July 2nd, 1859, five weeks after her marriage.
Died at Hartford, Sunday evening, September 9th, 1860, aged 80.
Wife of Govenor ELLSWORTH, and daughter of Noah Webster, LL.D., died at Hartford, August 23d, 1861.
Died at Hartford, Wednesday, June 19th, 1861.
Died at Hartford, April 30th, 1861, aged 22.
Died at Hartford, Sunday, May 5th, 1861.
Wife of Mr. C. N. BEACH, died at Philadelphia, July 30th, 1860.
Died at Hartford, August, 1859.
Died at Saratoga, N.Y., June 2d, 1862, aged 35.
Wife of Rev. WILLIAM H. C. ROBERTSON, died at Magnolia, East Florida, January 13th, aged 34.
Died at Hartford, May 19th, 1862.
Wife of Right Rev. Bishop PAYNE, died at Monrovia, Liberia.
For many years Pastor of a Church in Durham, Conn., died at Fair Haven, March 3d, 1862, aged 94.
Died at Sacramento, California, January 16th, 1860, aged 70.
Pastor of the Fifth Avenue Church, New York, died at the Virginia Springs, July, 1859.
For more than sixty years Pastor of one Church in East Granville, Mass., died there in 1859, aged 83.
Died at Warrensburgh, New York, November 12th, 1861, aged 26.
Died at New Haven, August 25th, 1861, aged 78.
Son of Mr. MORRIS COLLINS, died at Wethersfield, September 5th, 1862, aged 3 months and 27 days.
Died at Astoria, New York, April 5th, 1860.
Mr. FISHER AMES BUELL, died at Hartford, May 19th, 1861, aged 25, and Mr. HENRY R. BUELL, on his voyage to Europe, June 20th, 1862, aged 30, the only children of Mr. ROBERT and Mrs. LAURA BUELL.
WILLIAM CHILDS BREWER, died Jan. 24th, 1862, aged 7 years, and GEORGE CLEVELAND BREWER, aged 5 years, at Springfield, Mass., Feb. 4th, 1862.
Son of Dr. WILLIAM and Mrs. MARY WENTWORTH ALEXANDER, died at Fayette, Iowa, May, 1861, aged 2 years.